Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

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Make the Right Call By Switching to VoIP

Just as we moved away from live operators years ago, forward-thinking organizations are now moving to the cloud and internet-based services that require less hardware and offer more capabilities. A great example of this trend, VoIP solutions from BrevAll Technologies, will bring your business into the modern era by rolling all of your company’s communication channels — including Voice, Instant Messaging, Email, Video, and Web Conferencing — into an intuitive, unified platform that lowers your costs and raises your productivity.

What is VoIP?

VoIP works by converting your voice to data, allowing you to make calls directly from a computer or other data-driven device. Better yet, it enables you to keep all of the options you enjoyed from your previous system, such as call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, conference calling, and caller ID. So you are always connected to your business, no matter your physical location. Here are some of the benefits VoIP has to offer.

Lower Your Bills

From an economics standpoint, VoIP is most often a no-brainer. VoIP systems are typically less expensive than traditional phone systems since they don’t require nearly as much hardware. In some cases, no hardware is required at all. Not only that, monthly subscription fees are generally lower than with your current system.

Accommodate a Distributed Workforce 

The acceleration to distributed workforces is one of the main arguments for switching to VoIP. Even if you don’t anticipate transitioning to a full-blown Work From Home (WFH) model, allowing your employees to connect from home when they can’t come to the office is essential. Since voice and data are sent via the internet, there are no long-distance fees. In fact, in most cases, VoIP services offer free calls to coworkers regardless of their location.

Scale Without a Hitch

As your business grows and new employees are onboarded, you won’t need to invest in additional hardware; all you’ll need is another certified phone with plug-and-play adaptability. At worst, connecting a VoIP-enabled phone to your network will require adjusting a few settings. VoIP also allows you to add or remove phones and extensions as needed.

Unify Your Communications System

VoIP works well for those already or even considering implementing a unified communications system. Both use many of the same communication features, such as instant messaging, call management, mobility, and video calling and conferencing.

Strengthen Your Security

VoIP is secure, and, as your partner, BrevAll will work with your business to mitigate risk and keep cybercriminals out of your network.

Let Us Help You Move Your Business Forward

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