Technology System Services

BrevAll can provide a larger number of options
than the traditional data reseller.

Voice & VoIP Phone Systems

What is VoIP?

VoIP (pronounced voip) stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. With this technology voice data is being delivered digitally via the Internet instead of traditional analog signals going over analog lines.

Benefits of VoIP

Moving towards the future and a more integrated society, networks (data and telecom) are becoming integrated. Centralizing commutations reduces the amount of networks to manage, often reduces the cost of voice communications, and provides the opportunity to consolidate vendors and invoices.

BrevAll and VoIP

BrevAll Technologies offers multiple voice and VoIP products and is authorized to sell all size systems. Whether one is buying a new system, upgrading an existing one or finding a solution for multiple locations, BrevAll has a variety of solutions to help customers reach their productivity, budgetary and technological goals.