BrevAll Technologies Monitors the Dark Web to Keep Customers’ Information Safe

Leading Managed Technology Services Provider (MTSP) Alerts SMBs of Compromised Data

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TEXAS – January 20, 2020 – BrevAll Technologies, a leading managed Dark web monitoringtechnology services provider (MTSP), announced today that the company can proactively monitor the Dark Web to keep the information of its customers secure.

“BrevAll leverages sophisticated Dark Web intelligence technology to identify, analyze, and check for compromised customer and employee data,” said Paul Enloe, CEO of BrevAll. “Cybercrime is rapidly on the rise in the United States, and SMBs need to know if their information is on the Dark Web.”

Stories of mass data breaches perpetrated by cybercriminals have become commonplace in the mainstream media. These breaches, which often affect hundreds of millions of individuals, invariably lead to identity theft, corporate intrusion, and other forms of cyber abuse. BrevAll has taken a proactive step not only to address this rampant source of criminal activity but also to put an end to its effect on small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

While the Dark Web — the part of the internet that is not indexed by search engines and, therefore, not “Google-able” — is not a household term, it’s poised to become one. The Dark Web forms a small part of the deep web, a shadowy realm that attracts those who wish to act in secrecy, often to engage in illegal activity. The Dark Web is a place where individuals go to purchase illegal drugs, hire illicit acts, or hire hackers to attack specific businesses. It’s also a place where email addresses and passwords are available for purchase.

Most business owners who are only casually familiar with the Dark Web think the best thing they can do is to stay away from it and ensure their employees aren’t involved. This stance diminishes the threat of the Dark Web and puts your business at risk, warns Enloe.

“Unfortunately, most businesses are grossly underinformed about the Dark Web and how it can affect them,” said Enloe. “Business owners need to know that company logins, passwords, identities, hackers for hire and bank accounts are all for sale on the Dark Web and that no governing body regulates this part of the internet. It’s the new Wild West.”

BrevAll can scan the Dark Web and immediately determine if client emails and passwords are available for sale, making it an excellent solution for businesses sweating the strength of their network security in this increasingly dangerous digital world.

“The Dark Web is an unfortunate reality that business owners need to be aware of, but if there’s a bright side, it’s that it’s ushering in higher standards for data security, privacy, and cyber-protection,” said Enloe. “Once addressed, SMBs can get back to business as usual without wondering if their business is unnecessarily exposed to cybercriminals.”


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