BrevAll Technologies Works to Protect Work-From-Home Employees As IT Spending Soars in 2022

According to consulting firm Gartner, IT investment for work-from-home or hybrid work environments will reach $230 million in 2022. “Worldwide IT spending is projected to total $4.5 trillion in 2022, an increase of 5.5% from 2021, according to Gartner. The three largest categories are enterprise software, IT devices, and IT services, which will increase 13, 15, and 11 percent, respectively.

“For some reference, the total IT spending will increase by approximately $230 billion or an amount equal to all of the federal corporate income taxes collected by the US government in 2019,” said Paul Enloe, CEO of BrevAll Technologies. “This is a monumental amount of growth which can likely be attributed to employers embracing work-from-home or hybrid-work environments, security concerns over cybersecurity breaches, and the world’s desire to utilize cloud technology.”

IT Spending in Technology Solutions:

For small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), it means that they will be investing in enterprise-level technology solutions, which can drive productivity and increase their bottom-line. Still, it needs to be done with a comprehensive plan in mind.

“IT spending has increased so dramatically because the pandemic forced decision-makers to make their organizations more flexible. They’re starting to understand the increased potential to become more efficient with the latest in technology. Small to mid-sized businesses are following suit with larger companies in IT spending because they realize that the hybrid/remote workforce is here to stay and will need support from cybersecurity solutions and cloud computing services. The remote workforce, cybersecurity concerns, and the whole world’s migration to cloud computing are all driving IT to spend at unprecedented levels.”

The opportunity that SMBs need to take advantage of now is to become early adopters to wedge technological advantages between themselves and their competitors.

Cybersecurity Attacks Shift with IT Investment:

With an increasing number of ransomware attacks in the mainstream media, cybersecurity vulnerabilities have become glaringly apparent in major corporations. However, this spending increase suggests that the major organizations will be investing at even higher levels to fortify their defenses from hackers, ultimately pushing hackers toward easier targets like small to mid-sized businesses.

“For most small businesses, their IT defense strategy is to hope they aren’t a target; however, as larger enterprises increase their spending and become tougher to break into, unprepared SMBs will, unfortunately, become an ideal target.”

As you might expect IT, innovations continue to push forward, especially in the cybersecurity industry. These innovations mean IT solutions can mitigate or even eliminate these threats at cost-effective rates.

Cloud Computing Security and Access:

SMBs will also have a huge demand for cloud computing because of its inherent scalability, flexibility, and superior capacity to reallocate resources based on short-term needs. Cloud computing enables small businesses to “temporarily copy” the infrastructure of S&P 500 companies when they need it. Then they can reduce their usage and expenses when they don’t need it. This scalability is leveling the playing field so that SMBs can now compete with larger companies, which used to be impossible. Cloud computing has become the building block for the future, which is why Microsoft Azure is becoming one of the industry standards for cloud computing, especially amongst SMBs.

“All of this increased IT spending is reflective of a world that is accelerating its migration into a fully digital world when we thought things were already moving in that direction as fast as they could,” added Enloe. “This new access means more opportunity to compete for small and mid-sized businesses and an opportunity to strengthen their offerings, increase their market share and enjoy higher profits or risk being left behind.”

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