BrevAll Technologies Protects SMBs From DNS Attacks

Leading Provider in Managed IT Services Shares Best Practices for Dealing with Data Attacks Through DNS

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS – December 2018 – Through its innovative technology solutions, BrevAll Technologies helps small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) protect themselves and their customers from DNS (Domain Name Server) attacks, which are on the rise as more businesses around the globe migrate to cloud-based technologies.

As the demand for cloud-based solutions grows, so does the risk of DNS-based attacks. BrevAll Technologies, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), is taking a leading role in educating the business community about the threat of DNS attacks and providing solutions that can help companies counteract it.

“Due to the abstract nature of DNS threats, most business owners are completely unaware of the risk they pose or their growing prevalence,” stated Paul Enloe, CEO of BrevAll Technologies. “We basically tell our customers that if they don’t have DNS security measures in place, they don’t have any security at all. If there’s a site that is known to be malicious, the company simply must prevent access to it.”

Domain Name Servers maintain a directory of domain names and translate them into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. When hackers attack, they essentially overload websites with traffic and then redirect the traffic to malicious sites. Once users arrive to the malicious site, they are subject to phishing attacks, malware installation and a host of other threats that imperil the company and individual user.

The danger of DNS attacks was on full display in 2016, when several big companies in the United States and Europe were temporarily brought down, including Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, The Guardian and CNN. The Guardian reported at the time that “The cause of the outage was a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, in which a network of computers infected with special malware, known as a ‘botnet,’ are coordinated into bombarding a server with traffic until it collapses under the strain.”

“Domain Name Servers are essentially the intersection between an Internet user and any business application they’re trying to reach,” said Enloe. “Having unsecured DNS settings is like having an unsecured traffic system. If hackers can get inside and control which lights turn green and which turn red, imagine the traffic and accidents that can occur. This is essentially what happens within unprotected networks. And it’s why you need to protect your business.”


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