BrevAll Technologies Rolls Out Innovative Cybersecurity Solution

New security programs help growing businesses combat modern threats.

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS – August 28, 2018 – With cyberattacks growing more sophisticated and regulations designed to thwart them on the rise, BrevAll Technologies offers an innovative cybersecurity solution that can help small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) safeguard their infrastructure and protect their customers’ information.

“As regulations proliferate and data security becomes more scrutinized, the typical SMB understands the severe penalties and fines they will incur if negligent about their customers’ data. As a result, virtually every company has some form of cybersecurity prevention in place,” said Paul Enloe, CEO of BrevAll Technologies. “Unfortunately, as new threats emerge and detection software becomes inundated with alerts, business owners become overwhelmed and don’t know what actions to take, leaving them susceptible to attacks.”

Security Operations Centers (SOC) are the perfect solution to this modern business problem. SOCs not only provide 24/7 monitoring and detection services, but they also help optimize infrastructure security on a consistent basis by prioritizing risks, ensuring compliance with current regulations and proactively resolving threats — sometimes before the business owner even knows an issue exists.

The most important element about working with a SOC is transparency. Business owners need to sit down with whomever is managing their network on a monthly basis to find out a few key pieces of information, including: “What threats were detected?”; “How have they been managed?”; and “What have we learned and how we will optimize to enhance our security?”

“SOCs accomplish the ultimate objective that any security program should aspire to achieve: enabling business owners to get back to focusing on growing their business instead of agonizing over their cybersecurity struggles on a daily basis,” said Enloe. “BrevAll Technologies is pleased to offer this relatively new service that’s poised to gain widespread popularity in the near future, and can help growing businesses bolster their cybersecurity today.”

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