Leader in Unified Communications Keeps Clients’ Vital Business Systems Online During Natural Disaster

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TEXAS – April 28, 2021 – BrevAll Technologies, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), reports on their successes in protecting their customers’ key technology business systems during the recent Texas freeze. Where other businesses were forced to shut down and attempt to operate without power for days, BrevAll’s clients could access vital IT infrastructure that kept them productive during this challenging time. Out of their entire client base, a full 100% were able to access critical technology systems, ensuring uninterrupted uptime, and were virtually unimpeded by the natural disaster. BrevAll designs, implements, finances, and supports a wide array of technology solutions including, but not limited to, VoIP, cybersecurity, and IT management.

As cybersecurity breaches, natural disasters, and unforeseen power outages continue to become more commonplace; many business owners are looking for alternative solutions to keep their organizations productive in the face of these interruptions. In addition to forced remote work environments via COVID-19, these factors have driven business owners to find decentralized, cloud-based solutions that offer more security and guaranteed uptime instead of more traditional, on-premises technologies.

In one case, Paul Enloe, Founder & CEO of BrevAll, heard a law firm could not access their servers for four days, resulting in lost revenue. Enloe states, “We’ve been preparing our clients for moments like this for years, which is why they were minimally affected by the freeze. While we were very proud of our contribution, it was also simultaneously so frustrating for us to hear about other businesses who were underprepared and suffered substantial, yet completely unnecessary losses.” 

In prior years, many businesses held a fair degree of skepticism towards the cloud. Still, now that major players like Microsoft have entered the space, many small to mid-sized businesses are reassured and have fortified their IT infrastructure. They now have continual uptime with their phone system, seamless remote access desktops, and cybersecurity built into their network. Enloe adds, “Within the past year, we’ve seen a dramatic spike in demand for Microsoft Azure and other cloud solutions because of the enhanced security and redundancy that they offer. Such minimal preparation is required, and the ROI makes these kinds of solutions a must-have for 95% of the businesses we see.”

Enloe concludes, “Business owners already have enough challenges on their plate. Their IT infrastructure shouldn’t be keeping them up at night, especially when there are plenty of mature, proven solutions that can eliminate these sorts of problems from ever distracting them, ever again. Technology should increase productivity and protect a business owner’s bottom line, especially during times like these.”


BrevAll Technologies, Inc. is a 31-year-old, North Richland Hills, Texas-based technology firm focused on Cybersecurity, Dark Web Monitoring, Managed IT Services, and Voice over IP Cloud Solutions.

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