BrevAll is proud to partner with WatchGuard who provides an easy-to-use multi-factor authentication (MFA) tool called Authpoint. Log in with confidence using AuthPoint’s multi-factor authentication. This system provides the security your organization needs to protect its assets, information and the user’s identity from unwanted attacks while making it easy to manage onsite or around the world with just a click!

MFA - Unique Mobile DNA

Effective Multi-Factor Authentication Protection with Unique Mobile DNA

With Authpoint, you can easily protect your company’s data with a unique mobile DNA that authenticates the authorized user when they log in. This means any attacker trying to clone an employee’s phone will be blocked since their device no longer matches what we’re looking for!

Third-party Authentication Right on Your Cell Phone

Quick, easy, and secure! Once you’ve activated Authpoint on your phone, it’s just a few steps before users can authenticate using their cell phones. There is no need for tokens or other complicated procedures – all they need to do is download an app from Google Play Store (or Apple iTunes). Everything else will be resolved for them while also saving time by eliminating any hassle when trying to log in/out remotely.

Multi-Factor Authentication Mobile, Tablet or Desktop
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Easy, Secure and Powerful

Cloud-Based and Hassle-Free

The Watchguard Cloud allows you to manage your Authpoint account anytime from anywhere. You’ll be able to view reports, alerts, and change services or token settings all in one place!